In the world where people exclaim Words can’t express the fullest of thoughts”, writers over centuries have never failed to prove it wrong. In fact you do not have to try hard to express the intensity of your vehemence through words. Instead words of your emotions ooze out and you don’t even have to try. “The more you read, the more you write…. The better you taste the experiences life offers you, the better you write…” Travel fills one’s pockets with experiences of the actuality of life.  A traveller can better snatch words for his life experiences than any other person. Hence travel and words are often a cup and saucer.

I write not often but, once I start my pretty game with words, my mind doesn’t need a better recuperation from it’s jog-trotty functions. In solitary, words and myself get all spoony and nothing turns my at times comfoozled and isolated mind on, than a tryst with words. I treasure my experiences of life in my limpid pidgins!!!


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