“In this male dominated society of ours”, “The male chauvinistic age”  have been the customary starts of most of the discourses and arguments orated by the feminist in me. But Maduri Dixit’s “LADKAE ROTE NAHI”  a short 2 minutes durated promotional video, made the feminist in me brood over the charge of male domination.

Do men dominate women?? or Are they simply forced to, to prove themselves?? Are we women being subjugated or  Are we subjecting ourselves to it?? Is the society  coercing man to dominate their opposite sex? Is domination made a significant parameter to determine the manhood of a male? Too many queries to ponder over!!!!


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The gender stereotypes are sown deep into an infant right after the baby’s first squall. The mo you pick blue for your baby boy over pink ,that you strictly take to be a girl’s colour, you spread the gospel “Champ!! You are a boy and not a girl to pick pink!!!” What does the world preach the toddling buck who weeps as he fumbles on the ground?? “Champ!!!! Strong boy you are… Not a mewling girl!!!” And as the lad grows to be a man he gleans these same words at every stage of his life and at all times he weep, no matter what the conjunction because has to offer, trivial or serious. Meanwhile, what does a growing lady grasp from the society?? “Men must be strong …but I needn’t necessarily be!! A girl is privileged to stay week and bawl all day!!! Or perhaps it is  weakness and easiness to shed tears that defines us!!”  Dolorously, none of us , the  women want to be proved something that we aren’t. Hence we tend to now and then nod to the society’s blind fact that ” I, a woman,  should be dominated by a man. “ And more often, we women voluntarily surrender to the dominance of the opposite sex ,to merely prove our gender.


What does media infuse into the minds of our young men?? Movies of all times, have successfully spread the doltish idea that women are fragile and need men to rescue them from situations, restore them back to their cosy, safe nests.  Disney movies do not fail at its task as well. While, there are a lot of stories featuring queens and princesses who happen to kick butts: Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Avatar , Disney  portrays  Princesses,  idly anticipating the arrival of their Prince Charming. Unlike the Daenerys Targaryen in GOT , Disney presents Princess Aurora , who waits all her life for her Prince,  to rescue her from the swoon she falls into. Such fragile portrayals however, without fail win the awe of their audience. The fragile, sweet beauties are not merely admired, but adored as idols. Women dream of such fairy tales and choose to be such enchanting but fragile, dependent princesses over strong living examples like MalalaYousafzai , Nimko Ali and a million others.




When all we spoon our young lads with is the chalk talk that female are fragile, dependent and desperately turn to the strong men for rescue, how can we presume that men dominate women?? Aren’t they being forced to act superior? .”  We women will continue to be dominated unless we realise that True women are strong women. Unless we learn to respect, rescue and relieve ourselves we never truly seek justice against the agony we suffer. Let’s raise our future lil ones edifying them ” Champions neither cry nor let others cry.”





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