Love being the rarest and the most longed-for abstract noun, there is a paramount need to preserve and nurture it with the ticking of the clock. Love itself is healthy, strong and passionate. And no relationship brimming with love is less beautiful and exciting. BUT overtime it is good and devouring to add some honey to your whiskey.



“Couples who spend more time traveling together enjoy a more ignited relationship than those who don’t.” This has proved right in the case of umpteen number of couples and in fact travel has strengthened their relationships like nothing else could. Having been fed with the experiences on both the sides of the line, I honestly believe that travel is the MAGIC BEANS that has nurtured our strong relationship into the strongest and most charming. Earlier, before we chose travel, our rendezvous overtime seemed to become less lively. The regular weekend destinations turned our dates into a bizarre and the monotony muddled our souls. This only led to more forced eloquent speeches and humour. But we did not take long to realize the need to irrigate our parched love life. We bustled into various activities like photoshoots, outdoor adventures, trying new food, indoor games, music, long drives etc. But then we realized, putting all these tasks together- TRAVEL, nurtured us to the best.

Here are a few beautiful advantages that couples who are travellers enjoy.



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Once you start travelling with your better half every weekend and date becomes  more adventurous and venturesome. As Pinterest quotes “Lose your way to find your soul”. Travel enriches your souls and makes you animated and zippy-zappy. Unlike the bizarre dates in monotonous and unexciting malls and theatres, the deep jungles, shallow brooks and beautiful mountains will keep you love birds bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Outdoor adventures like trekking, paragliding, jungle safaris, bungee jumping, sky diving, fishing, swimming, rafting, kayaking blah blah blah gives you an adrenaline rush and you will with no doubts grin from ear to ear through this entire date. Romance in the tents or open deserts gazing at stars by the warmth of the bonfire with some lovely music defeats the rendezvous at your regular soulless buildings.


Travel reveals more of yourselves to each other. Couples who travel enjoy the privilege of sharing more of themselves with each other and understanding and analysing themselves.

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Travel teaches you patience. And at the end of every great voyage you understand more about your better half and also reveal more about yourself. You become more patient towards each other and misunderstandings and tears seem far off your life.


We could “before travel days” be easily categorised as spendthrift couples. The only factor that kept us alive was some opulent shopping, coffee dates in lavish bistros and dinner dates at extravagant restaurants. But when we chose travel, we realized with no time that  it kept us vehemently alive and the expensive shopping dates were no close to the way travel made us feel. We slowly learned to save money.


We do shop occasionally some good clothes and shoes but not carelessly. We make sure we set aside the lion’s share of our pocket money and our time to time earnings for our travel expenses. It is always good to be a little calculative. Travel helps you learn to spend less and cut off some unwanted shopping and save more for future and surprisingly it doesn’t seem a difficult task at all. The craving to travel more and tick  destinations off your bucket list only makes you want to save up more for the next time.



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When you travel you simultaneously become great planners. You begin with planning beautiful and exciting travel dates for yourself and eventually help other” new to travel couples” to plan their voyage. Over time you begin to plan more productive and pocket friendly trips and your travel experiences may even qualify you as a professional travel planner. Thus  you can enjoy the privilege of “Making your passion your job.” 


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If you are a shy couple and don’t talk or laugh much with new people, then travel is a choice you must make at least once in a while. New anonymous towns and cities introduce you to new cheery people. It helps you become amiable and develop cordial relationships with the rest of the society. However it is important to be careful before you trust new people. And travel this ways helps you understand human behaviours and stay vigilant. It also introduces the travellers to new food and new culture. You get to relish the traditional plates of every new place you visit.


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However this does not imply that we do not enjoy luxury. Travel does not mean total aversion to  grandeur. We always make sure we go on a luxury travel one in two months. The fatter your budget the luxurious your trip will be. This may include luxury suite room stays with beautiful views, palatable cuisine, must try adventures etc. We however spend our luxury travels usually doing nothing but catching up with some movies, reading a lot, relishing some great food and cuddling a lot.




Travel has always helped us with great memories and each time we return back from a trip we proclaim “Ohh mahn! This was the best!” and immediately get back to our job, planning the next visit to a new place. Travel also definitely amuses photographers. And when you are a “photographer couple” like us it becomes a huge bar of candy for you. You can spend time photographing new people and new emotions and also capture beautiful pictures of yourselves wallowing in your dream destinations. ALERT! MEANWHILE  PAY NO HEED TO THE EVIL EYE.




The most important lesson that travel imparts in us is to face challenges and overcome hardships as we proceed with your dreams. Although travel is fun and fills us with peace and fulfilment, it is not a shortcut to happiness. The challenges and hardships never fade away from our paths but eventually we, the travellers learn to dust them off our shoulders with ease.

If you have not yet decided on a good gift for your valentine, this Valentine’s Day present your better half with a trip to the dream destination that you share. Make memories through beautiful experiences and forget not to cuddle a lot more than now!!






Finding pals who can make you feel all cosy and pacific is never an easy task . Anticipating such cordial relationships with the opposite sex can often be a tough row to hoe, though only till you find your copy books. Being a part of the girls squad all time, I’ve more often wondered ” What would it be like, to be that one girl in an all guy friends gang!! Perhaps not too easy… but must be definitely exciting!!! Perhaps not a very comforting bond!!! Or perhaps, I’m wrong ….”  I was always flooded with such doubts. And then I found these “LOVES OF MY LIFE”, my coolest guy friends. And being best friends with such right guys as mine, is a whole new territory, in fact completely blissful. There’s something astounding about spending your life with such a solid group of coolest guys, and have each other’s back no matter when or what.  Here are a few things that the “Only girl in an all guys gang” can alone experience and enjoy.



Though you know it’s cool and okay to hang out with your guys and live in each other’s pocket, the folks around you wouldn’t necessarily find it much cool. Every time you walk with your guys, laugh aloud with them, hang around them , you’re gonna be stared at and judged. Your girl acquaintances might keep their distance from you. You may even be titled the “Spoilt Brat”.  But who cares, until your squad loves you and you love them back.

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When you are one among an all guys gang, there is always less drama. There’s absolutely nothing to be jealous of each other. None holds a green-eye in the gang. All you care about is some good flavoured popcorn and Netflix and hence absolutely no time for any drama!!!!

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When with your boys, you have nothing to gossip about. What other guys think of you is no longer a pain in your ass!!! All your squad talks and argues about is cars, bikes, sports, movies and some politics. More importantly, you do not hold secrets from each other. You know each other perfectly well, that your flaws never change your feelings for each other. Any time you go off the track, your boys are right behind, to put you back on track….!!!

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No matter how late or how early, your boys are always all ready for a hang out, some quivery music and to grab some food. And with your boys around you, none would dare to mess with you. Naturally, you are more secured and protected than any other girl out there!!! Anytime they smell trouble for you, you are encircled by your heroes – to rescue!!!




With your boys, you can hit timely vacations to any unknown corners at any time. Your guys are always geared up for some adventure and fun.  But you never really plan an agenda, cause your boys are gonna hate schedules and following one is only going to make things messy…. And there is gonna be no room for more than a hand luggage, hence you got to stop hoarding!!!

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Your boys may never flood you with praises, instead they slap you with realities. These guys never talk behind your backs nor give up on you, simply cause you are theirs. Everyone in the gang enjoys the freedom to be what they actually are and wins a return of love for it. All you have to do is “BE YOU” to fit among them!!!


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Your guys rarely consider you a girl and weird nick names seldom make you forget your own. But in fact, you are the only GO – TO GIRL for your gang of guys who are still hankering to figure out the female mind. More often, you are just another dude or another bro, except when they need advice about their crushes or to decode the text messages they receive from their crushes. Only can you coach them on some romance and relationship issues.


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Your lads are not gonna  tolerate you dressing up for hours like a Disney princess. A pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers would absolutely do great. Your unbrushed  hair  and ungroomed nails matters not to them. You need not own a great number of Mac shades to win their awe. All you got to do is “BE YOU” to fit with your boys. No matter how you look, you belong with them….


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Often you get to help your guys choose their attire and you work to make them look all handsome and gentlemanly. There is honestly only One person who can make your boys look all impressive to other girls- it’s YOU!!!


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Your boys train you to be  easy going.  You will eventually have a thick skin. And when you try to complain, they make you toughen up. Whether you choose to use it or not, you tend to know more swear words and abuses than an average girl. And when it comes to dirty jokes, you give them a stiff competition. The meaner the jokes, the better they are. Even if it is directed at you, you know that your boys love you. Often you  gonna have to join them in their wrestling matches… and born a girl is not gonna win you their mercy!!!


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Anywhere you go, you don’t necessarily have to carry an extra pair of clothes. Their jackets and comfy clothes, which can be a bit oversized will do a good job on you!!!!


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Your lads might be all cool and easy going, but they also simultaneously become your brothers. If you gonna be bitchy, you gonna piss them off!!! You are safe, as long as you stay on the right track.


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Sometimes, you’re basically their mother, and you need to make the rational decisions. You got to teach them stuff, be difficult with them at times, pat them an encouragement and sometimes soothe them and then attack them with some grave advice…. only cause their happiness is all that matters to you!!!!




Doesn’t that sound blissful as I mentioned at the start???

SOMETIMES A GIRL NEEDS A MALE’S PERSPECTIVE!!!! My three loved ones out there, though we haven’t yet spent much days together, we are already an elated family. Thank you for your endless laughter, merciless sarcasm, care and love. Sometimes when no one cares, you guys always make a point to show that each one of you do. You boys talk sense into me when I’m being ridiculous. Thank you for the adventures and the risks you readily take only to keep me with you!!!! I can always count on you to be up for anything, and I know it’ll be a blasssstttt…. Nothing is better for the soul than blaring music and singing my heart out in the car with you!!! We often don’t sing but croak…. Who cares !!! It gets us happy!!!! And nothing can turn to be a more proud moment for me, than beating you three in all those card games. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me. Thank you loves, for being that “cannot- do without” part of me and for making me a part of you!!! LOVE YOU!!!!









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