Little France!!!

Residing in a metropolitan city, in what other way could you plan your weekend rather than in crowded malls, pubs, inoxs or extravagant dinings or a perfect long slumber in your cosy bed under the red linens ?? This has been my weekend routine since a couple of years. And it hit me for the first time on one similar weekend in a rooftop dining , as me and my friend chumbled  the Mexican burritos, though it was a life in the fast lanes my weekends have become as monotonous as Prof. John’s plodding lecture on his matrimonial research. Pubs and lavish dinners seemed flat. And then for the next few weekends I chose my red linen and netflix over the lackluster visits to rackety malls. But no sooner than I got bored being a couch potato, I resolved to plan my weekends to escape the humdrum.


         But this time I knew what I would stick to!!!! Road trips, camping, trekking, beachs, campfires, barbecue dinners….What not !!! I perched on my couch with my MacBook and after scrutinizing Safari’s ideas , reminding my anxiety to visit the party town about my financial crunch, chose a jaunt not to France, but to the small Indian territory of  French  flavours,Puducherry. Beachwears…Sunglasses..Sunscreens….!!!Hmmm …Interesting!!! The idea of being able to pull out my canon 70d , peach Instax and my travel diary after coon’s age already tinged my curious cheeks red. With all the requisites  dumped into my small sized TH trolley , I finally boarded my bus after quiet a chase, punctuality being my Achilles heel. 



With a rash driver controlling the steering wheel, reaching the French capital even before the night sky creaked red, was least confounding. I lurched out of the bus and before I could close my eyes to enjoy the sweet aura of the wee hours, my baggage was grabbed from my hold and thrown into an autorikshaw . A man with a vermillion smeared forehead, welcomed me grinning from ear to ear . And without second thoughts, I asked him to rush to the beach, to capture the magnificent glimpse of the sun rise. Now, you cannot guess the chimera a lateriser like me would be enchanted with, by such a rare sight. The autorikshaw screeches to a hault at the beach and my jaw drops!! The brisk mankind had commenced their day, even before the sun . I settled on a clumpsy rock and awaited the sunrise, enjoying the sweet fragrance of the sea weeds that lingered in the air. Suddenly the colourless sea seemed to reveal itself and the sky was tinted red. For a mo, the whole world paused to recline. Benumbed , I witnessed light eliminating the darkness. The beach was filled with a multilingual cacaphony and the “clack clack ” of cameras followed. Though only after a short delay, I managed to capture the beauty in my Instax. After an hour of contemplation on nothing and everything, I rose to leave.




Along the way, the smiling autorickshaw wala quickly mapped the place to me. The idea that I could rent bikes and scooters during my stay there excited me. I checked in at a cosy lodging at a stone’s throw from the Rock beach.  After my ablusions, garbed in my pale pink tees and faded blue jean I was all primed to explore the French capital. Down the street, was a bike rental shop. And my adrenaline rush though!!!!! The young shop man suggested I picked one from the ” for women” scooters . But my choice,  the only  “Green Continental GT in the  shop laughably biwildered the man.


Rock Beach, Pondicherry

          Then I geared up into the wind. Wowww mannn!!! Could things get more better!?? And it did!!! “The Rock beach”  and it’s aura of peace. The clear blue tides hit the rocks at ease. I was awestruck . The clear blue field seemed to depict the vast expanse of beauty in life. After an hour of contemplation, i sauntered through the untarnished streets lined with majestic French efidice. Oh man !!! The French are true architects!!! After an hour’s walk ,my bowel was already gurgling for some toothsome  Hachis Parmentier and Pot-au-feu .  I stopped at a tavern “The Pasta Bar Vento”. It was a cosy wooden building with upholstered furniture.  I sipped my Cabernet franc and munched hungrily ,with Calvin Harris crooning “This is what you came for'” in the background.



        Then I sped away on my Continental GT to the Chunnambar backwaters in Kadalur road to sail to my next destination “The Paradise Beach”.  This tropical paradise is flanked by a quiet- flowing creek on one side. I sailed on a small  tourist boat ,accompanied by a trio of passangers to the small sandy beach. This is a clean beach suitable for water fun games . Though the beach seemed quiet deserted , towards the evening it was fully packed with families . Children were working busily with their sand castle tools. The place and it’s ambience offered a good photography session. At about half past five we set sail back to the backwaters. On our way back , I witnessed yet another majestic panoply of the sun, the sunset.

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       After the long day ,now I had to rush back to board the bus, that is to my routine. I      was already reeling with the thoughts of the dreary Mondays  and Tuesdays that are to follow. Who wouldn’t fear the dreary routine after such a tryst with nature!!?


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