Why I write!?

It is often said” Not always can words ¬†explain thoughts to the fullest.” Be it the peaceful comeliness that a sunrise swarms our soul with or the sight of terrible poverty that strikes our soul with deep sorrow ,is believed to be best portrayed only through paintings and sketchings, rather than words. But this is definitely not my cup of tea. The very minute my mind witnesses or experiences something provoking joy or sorrow, colourful and beautiful WORDS are what that smothers my mind. Words are not just a group of letters but a bunch of emotions. How beautiful does it sound when you can speak happiness?? Words do not exaggerate, they unveil realities. I love words , and this is why I write and don’t paint. The whole process of collecting beautiful words and weaving them together to share some beautiful memory is as exciting as brewing a perfect cup of aromatic coffee.Writing helps me enjoy the taste of words and makes my memories further aromatic and savouring. A cup of perfectly brewed coffee and a topic to write about is all what is needed to make my day an extra special one.






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